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Accolay Jean Baptiste Program Notes and Sheet Music

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Jean-Baptiste Accolay (17 April 1833 – 19 August 1900) was a Belgian violinist, conductor, and composer of the Romantic period. He was born in Brussels, Belgium, and studied violin at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. He also played the solo flugelhorn at the second cuirassier-regiment of Bruges. He played the first violin at the orchestra of the theaters of Namur and Bruges. In 1860, he became a teacher of solfège at the conservatory of Bruges. Later on he also taught the violin (1861-1864), the viola (1864), string quartets (1865), and harmony (1874). He stayed at the conservatory until his death in 1900. He cofounded the concert series Séances de musique classique at Bruges in 1865 and the Maatschappij der Concerten van het Conservatorium in 1896.

Accolay's best-known composition is his one-movement student concerto in A minor. It was written in 1868, originally for violin and orchestra. The concerto is a popular choice for young violinists, as it is technically challenging but not too difficult. Accolay also composed a number of other works for violin, including sonatas, variations, and etudes. He also wrote a number of works for other instruments, including piano, cello, and flute.

Accolay was a respected teacher and conductor, and his students included some of the leading violinists of the late 19th century. He was also a prolific composer, and his music is still performed today.

Accolay's music is characterized by its technical virtuosity and its Romantic sensibility. His compositions are often challenging to play, but they are also rewarding to listen to. Accolay was a gifted composer who made significant contributions to the violin repertoire. His music continues to be performed and enjoyed by violinists and audiences around the world.

Jean-Baptiste Accolay (17 April 1833 – 19 August 1900)

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