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Frequently Asked Questions

Sheet Music International is a subscription based virtual library of public domain sheet music with world wide distribution housing the worlds greatest works.  Music on this website is either in public domain or has been uploaded for distribution by copyright owner.  Music found to infringe copyright will be removed.


Sheet Music International is a public repository that serves as a collection agency with servers in Canada and the United States. We assume no liability or responsibility for downloading or uploading files not in public domain in your country. Please respect copyright laws in your country.


You will see watermarks if you have not logged into an account.  Log into any free or premium account and re-download the watermarked file.
Free Basic Accounts: 
    No watermarks,
    Free account has a 10 second delay when loading individual .pdf's.
Premium Account (paid subscription)
    No Watermarks
    No delay popup
    You may need to redownload watermarked music after logging in

If you still see a watermark it is because your computer is remembering the page you downloaded earlier instead of re-downloading the page.   Solution is to clear your cash.  On a windows system Hold the shift and control key while pressing the letter R.  That will clear your computer.  If you are using an apple system To clear your history and cookies, go to Settings > Safari, and tap Clear History.

Search Boxes?

Composer: Enter the name of the composer in this box to see all of their music.
Composition Box: Enter the name of a work you are searching for.  Often less information works best.
To find all arrangements by Beethoven written by other composers, enter Beethoven in the composition search box and it will search all of the sub folders.

Search Not Found:  The work may be in the library even if the search engine does not locate it.  Try browsing the library's directory by clicking on Master Composers, Composer, School Music or enter less information in the search box.

Avoid Plural:  If you search for Duets instead of Duet, it will omit all files labeled duet.  The less you enter in the search the more results will be returned.  Search Symphony not symphonies etc. 

composition search example:   Enter "choral fantaly op. 80"  (no results found)
                                                       Enter  "choral fantasy"           (results found)

The search engine was written in English.  Performing a search for keywords like Lent or Easter in the composition search box using a different language may not work.  However

Links in the table on the Church Music Page will work in any language.

Personal Library:

The personal library is one of the most useful features of this website. You can bookmark music to your library or upload music obtained from any source, and share it with friends on a permanent or temporary basis.

Bookmark your favorite selections from this website for quick reference by clicking the bookmark icon. Music uploaded to your personal library is private. You are the only one that has access to it unless you choose to share a piece.

Premium Account (paid subscription)
Music in your personal library can be shared on a temporary basis by copying it to the temporary performance tab and sharing if from there. When you delete the music from the temporary tab, no music is deleted from your personal library, but the links shared will be broken so the individuals you shared the music with will no longer have access to it.

Share music on a temporary basis:
School Music Direcgtory Question
Music in your personal library can be shared on a temporary basis by copying it to the temporary performance tab and sharing if from there. When you delete the music from the temporary tab, no music is deleted from your personal library, but the links shared will be broken so the individuals you shared the music with will no longer have access to it.

This is ideal if for sharing copyrighted music with a reading orchestra for example. Musicians can perform the music with you, yet they do not have access to permanent copies.
Music bookmarked from the public library and shared from your temporary tab is not broken when the file is removed from the temporary tab.

Sharing Music: You may share a single .pdf, or a folder with many .pdf's with a single click. If you click the mail icon, it will launch the e-mail program on your computer with a link you can send to any individual or group. Clicking the link will take them to that folder on the website.

If you select share icon. You will be given a link you can copy into an e-mail, or .html page to the folder, or individual .pdf. This is very advantagious if you are sending a large file, or a folder with many .pdf's as most e-mail programs are limited by file size.

You may also download and share any .pdf from your computer. Be aware, if you download a watermarked copy, you will be sharing a watermarked copy.

Very Useful Feature:  You may place a group of works in a folder in your personal library and share it from the temporary performance tab or the personal library tab.  An entire concert's selections may be shared with one URL and opened with a single click. 

If you share copyrighted music from the Temporary Performance tab, when you delte the music from the temporary tab all links shared to it will no longer work, thus removing access to the music.

What music is free to download?

All public domain music is free to download along with any copyrighted music that we have been given permission to make available.  Music under copyright may be purchased.

What is a .xml or a .musicxml file?

This is a universal file format for music engraving programs.  Some browsers may display the file as HTML text.  If your browser does that just save the file.  When you open it, it will be opened correctly by your engraving program. 

.xml filea are readable by over 125 different typesetting programs and may be used to transfer files between programs like Finale, Sibelius, MuseScore etc.

This format is the most accurate and .xml files require less editing when uploaded to a program that did not creat the file. 

Selling Music: 

You may sell music by uploading it to the music to the for sale tab in your personal library.  You will receive 80% of the sale price you set.  The other 20% goes to help maintain this website.  You may edit information including prices at any time.  

To upload music for sale, click the upload music button in the header.  Then select the music for sale radio button and fill in the requested informatin.  The search engine will list works by composer so what you enter in the composer box will determine where it appears in the directory.

Then place the music you want in a folder and zip it.  To zip a folder, right click it, and select send to.  A popup will come up with the option to send to a compressed ZIP folder.  Select it.  The system will place the compressed zipped folder on your computer in the directory the unzipped version is in.  Then drag the zipped folder to the upload box and select upload music. 

The music you uploaded should appear in your personal library in the for sale tab.  You may go back and edit these settings or remove it from the for sale list at any time. 

Music for Sale

If you want to include music that is for sale in your search, check the include music for sale box.  Otherwise only music that may be downloaded free of chrge will be displayed.

The Music for Sale tab may be found in the Master Composer or Composer library and lists works for sale.  Music that you are personally selling is also listed in your personal library and may be edited from there.


Do you share our e-mail or other information with associates?

No! Your information is used internally only. 


What is the Major Composers and Composers Library?

Major Composers is a library of main stream composers whose music is most commonly performed. Composers is a library of all public domain composers and their music, including Master Composers.

School Music Directory?

This is a library of music for classroom use. Includes simplified arrangements, works written for level 1,2,3, and 4 band/strings/orchestra, selected works appropriate for students, methods and teaching materials including scales and etudes.

Teachers are encouraged to share materials they have written with other educators in this library.

Repertoire lists?

The Repertoire list is a hand generated list of suggested music for various venues. (not a complete list) ie. Violin, String Orchestra, Trombone etc. 

Some works may not be linked correctly to music in the library.   It may be in the library even if the link is incorrect.  If a link does not work, try browsing the composer's name for the composition.  It's probably there. 

Printing Problems:

Printers also have the options in their settings to “print to page size” that you may find useful.

Sharing Music:

There are 3 ways to share music from this website.

Download and save a .pdf to your computer. Then send it via e-mail
Click the Mail Icon to launch your mail program and send a link. This works for both folders and files on this website. 

Click the Share icon. Copy and past the link displayed into an e-mail or HTML page. This works for both folders and files on this website.

Very Useful:  You may add music to folders in your personal library and share music for an entire concert with one URL.  One click will then display all of the music for that concert. 

Protecting copyrighted music:  If you copy the music to the Temporary Performance tab and share it from there, the links to any copyrighted music or music you have uploaded to your personal library will cease to work when you delete the music from the Temp performance tab. 


Search Problems:

The Search engine was written in English.  If you are performing a search for keywords such as Lent, or Easter in another language, in the composition search box.  The search may not work at this time.  You may need to browse the directory. 

Church Music Page:  If you click a link in the table on the Church Music Page, they work in any language.  The screen will be translated, but the programmed search will use terms the search engine recognizes. 

not found: If your search does not turn up an item it does not mean it is not in the library.  The search engine helps you locate music but it does not contain all possible keywords you may search by.  Try browsing the composers directory. 

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