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Johannes Brahms

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

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Brahms was a German virtuoso pianist and composer of the Romantic period. He spent much of his musical life in Vienna Austria. He loved animals and children and wrote music in many formats, the Concerto, Symphony, Sonata, along with chamber compositions and over 200 songs. His father, who was a horn and bass player began teaching him music at an early age. As is the case with many composers, Brahm's parents did not encourage him to write music. They felt he had a better future as a pianist.

When Brahms was 20 years old the virtuoso violinist Joseph Joachim introduced him to the composer Robert Schumann. A life long friendship developed between Schumann and Brahms. When Schumann became mentally ill in 1854 Brahms helped Clara Schumann to manage the family.

He fell in love with Clara Schumann, but he never married. Brahms had difficulty expressing his emotions outside of music. Brahms is known today as one of the greatest composers that ever lived. He was a perfectionist and either destroyed or left many works unpublished.

Although a composer of the Romantic period, Brahms was conservative and his music was largely influenced by music of the Classical period.

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