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Antonio Saleri Program Notes and Sheet Music

Antonio Salieri (18 August 1750 – 7 May 1825) was an Italian composer, conductor, and teacher of the Classical period. He was born in Legnago, near Verona, Italy. He studied music with Giovanni Battista Martini in Bologna, and then moved to Vienna in 1774, where he became a protege of Empress Maria Theresa.

Salieri quickly established himself as one of the leading composers in Vienna. He wrote operas, symphonies, concertos, and chamber music. He was also a successful conductor, and he served as Kapellmeister at the court of the Austrian Empire from 1788 to 1824.

Salieri was a rival of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and there is a long-standing legend that he poisoned Mozart. However, there is no evidence to support this claim. In fact, Salieri was a great admirer of Mozart's music, and he even helped to arrange for the premiere of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni.

Salieri retired from music in 1824, and he died in Vienna in 1825. He was buried in the St. Marx Cemetery in Vienna.

Salieri was a prolific composer, and his music is still performed today.

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