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Scott Joplin Program Notes and Sheet Music

Scott Joplin (June 24, 1868 – April 1, 1917) was an American composer and pianist. He is known for popularizing ragtime music, a genre that originated in the African-American communities of the Southern United States in the late 19th century. Joplin's most famous compositions include "The Maple Leaf Rag", "The Entertainer", and "Solace".

Joplin was born in Texarkana, Texas, to a family of former slaves. He began playing the piano at a young age and showed a natural talent for music. In 1894, he moved to Sedalia, Missouri, where he became involved in the local ragtime scene. He published his first ragtime composition, "Original Rags", in 1899. The piece was a success, and it helped to launch Joplin's career as a composer.

In 1901, Joplin moved to New York City, where he continued to compose and publish ragtime music. He also began to work on a number of ambitious projects, including a ragtime opera called "Treemonisha". "Treemonisha" was finally premiered in 1911, but it was not a commercial success. Joplin died in poverty in 1917, at the age of 48.

Joplin's music was largely forgotten during his lifetime, but it experienced a revival in the 1970s. Today, he is considered one of the most important composers of ragtime music. His work has been recorded by many artists, and it has been featured in films, television shows, and commercials.

Joplin was a pioneer in the field of ragtime music. He helped to popularize the genre and to bring it to the attention of a wider audience. His music is still enjoyed by people all over the world, and it continues to inspire new generations of musicians.

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