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Why Is Bach’s Double Violin Concerto an Amazing Musical Composition?

Are you a music enthusiast who loves to know about musical masterpieces? Then, you will be inserted in Bach’s Double Violin Concerto. It is a musical masterpiece where two violins are played together yet are independent. Know here about the legendary double violin classic musical piece.

Double Violin Concerto: A Masterpiece from Bach 

When it comes to musical pieces, most of the legendary masterpieces come from the Baroque Era. One such artist is Johann Sebastian Bach, who has made a composition involving double violins, both playing their roles independently yet forming a combination of different emotions in a concerto. 

Bach Double Violin Concerto is a masterpiece due to its unique combination, and many music enthusiasts aim to learn it. However, to learn, it is essential to get free sheet music and a public library. So, get Bach's double violin concerto sheet music in the public domain at Sheet Music International. 
Let us decode this masterpiece composition from Johann Bach and learn unique facts about it. 

The History of Johann Sebastian Bach

German composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach, better known by his full name Bach, was born in Eisenach, Germany, on March 31, 1685 (Old Style: March 21). His father was the town musician's director, and he was the youngest and eighth child. His father had taught him the fundamentals of music theory and the violin.

Bach was one of the best churches and instrumental composers of the Baroque era, composing over a thousand pieces of music during his lifetime. Among many other instrumental and sacred compositions, he is recognized as the creator of the well-tempered piano, the Brandenburg concertos, and the mass in B minor.

Through his career, he was able to explore all of the major forms, styles, and national traditions that had been developed by earlier generations. One of Johann Sebastian Bach's most popular compositions, the Double Violin Concerto was written around 1730. In addition, he spent the last few decades of his life expanding and reworking his original compositions. The composer passed away in 1750 due to complications following eye surgery.

Knowing the Bach's Double Violin Concerto

Johann Sebastian Bach composed the Double Violin Concerto, also known as the Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, BWV 1043, in 1730. It is a violin concerto from the Late Baroque era. It is one of the best-known compositions. Bach composed his Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor, BWV 1043, around 1730, for the Leipzig Collegium Musicum, a performance series he supervised.

The subtle yet expressive interplay of two violins is present throughout the concerto. In addition to the two soloists, the concerto is set for strings (viola, first violin, and second violin parts) and basso continuo. The musical structure of this piece heavily utilizes fugal imitation and counterpoint.
There are three movements in the concerto:
•    D-minor vivace
•    In F major, Largo ma non tanto
•    Allegro
The concerto performance can last anywhere between 13 and over 18 minutes.

The Emotional Sequences in Bach’s Double Violin Concerto 

Here, we have a concerto with three movements that each offers an emotional landscape:

•     The First Movement (Allegro): This initial section is full of energy and virtuosity. The part in question showcases the technicality and excellence of the violins through intricate phrases. It is characterized by happiness and excitement as the listener becomes alive to what lies ahead.    
•    The Second Movement (Largo ma non-tanto): In contrast to the first one, this slow piece brings a person into the realm of sublime beauty and inward reflection. The orchestra accompanies this violin melody from deep within to bring about tranquility and meditation. With this movement, one withdraws for some retrospection to make a deeper personal connection with it.
•    The Third Movement (Vivace): The final moments of the concerto are full of delight. These violins intertwine themselves intricately over each other, building up towards an end that leaves an exhalation in its wake.

In Conclusion 

Johann Sebastian Bach's Double Violin Concerto in D minor, BWV 1043, is a masterpiece that outshines many pieces of music. It has continued to impress many people not because of its high technicality but due to the emotions it can evoke in your mind. Its unique approach to the concerto structure, brilliant employment of counterpoint, and capacity to arouse different feelings put it in the class of the most brilliant musical pieces ever written.

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