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Jacques Mazas Program Notes and Sheet Music

Jacques-Féréol Mazas (September 23, 1782 – August 25, 1849) was a French composer, conductor, violinist, and pedagogue. He was a pupil of Pierre Baillot at the Paris Conservatoire, from which he received the first prize in 1805. In 1808, he played a violin concerto dedicated to him by Auber. He then performed widely across Europe. In 1831, he accepted the post of first violin at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal. A short time later, he was appointed Directeur des concerts in Orléans, where he directed that city's Opéra Comique theatre. From 1837 to 1841, he was director of the Conservatoire in Cambrai. He died in Bordeaux.

Mazas is best known for his violin methods, which are still used by students today. He also composed a number of violin concertos, chamber music, and solo violin pieces. His music is characterized by its technical virtuosity and its lyrical melodies.

Mazas was a highly influential figure in the development of violin playing. His methods helped to standardize the technique of violin playing and his compositions helped to popularize the violin as a solo instrument. He was a major figure in the French musical tradition and his work continues to be performed and studied by violinists today.

Mazas's music is available for purchase and download from a variety of online retailers. His methods are also available for purchase from a number of publishers.

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