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American Salute

Morton Gould (1913-1996) was an American composer, conductor, and pianist. He was a prolific composer, writing in a wide variety of genres, including orchestral music, ballet, film scores, and vocal music.

American Salute is a fanfare-like composition for concert band that was written in 1942. It is based on the patriotic tune "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again". The piece is in three movements:

  • Fanfare: The fanfare opens with a bold and brassy statement of the main theme. The theme is then developed through a series of variations.
  • March: The march is a more traditional march, with a strong beat and a driving rhythm.
  • Fugue: The fugue is a contrapuntal movement that features the main theme in a variety of voices.

American Salute is a stirring and patriotic work that is sure to get the audience excited. It is a great choice for a concert program that celebrates American music and culture.

Here are some additional details about the piece:

  • The piece is scored for a large concert band, with a full complement of brass, woodwinds, and percussion.
  • The piece is approximately 5 minutes long.
  • The piece was commissioned by the Mutual Broadcasting System for a radio program called "Salute to America".
  • The piece was first performed in 1942 by the NBC Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Arturo Toscanini.
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