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Bach Anna Magdalena Notebook Program Notes and Sheet Music

The Anna Magdalena Notebook is a collection of keyboard music compiled by Johann Sebastian Bach for his second wife, Anna Magdalena. The notebook contains a wide variety of pieces, including dances, minuets, sarabandes, and preludes. The music is written in a Baroque style, and it is characterized by its simple melodies, lush harmonies, and expressive rhythms.

The Anna Magdalena Notebook is a valuable source of information about Baroque keyboard music. It provides a glimpse into the musical life of Bach's household, and it offers a valuable resource for students and performers of Baroque keyboard music.

The notebook was compiled in two parts, in 1722 and 1725. The first part contains mostly pieces by Bach, while the second part contains pieces by other composers, including François Couperin, Georg Böhm, and Arcangelo Corelli.

The Anna Magdalena Notebook is a popular choice for recitals and performances. It is also a popular choice for students of Baroque keyboard music. The music is accessible to beginners, but it also offers challenges for more advanced players.

Here are some of the most popular pieces from the Anna Magdalena Notebook:

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