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Wilhelm Hill Program Notes and Sheet Music

Wilhelm Hill (23 July 1821 – 11 November 1885) was a German-American piano maker. He was born in Markneukirchen, Germany, and apprenticed with his father, Johann Adam Hill. In 1848, he emigrated to the United States and settled in Cincinnati, Ohio. He opened his own piano factory in 1850, and the company quickly became one of the most successful piano makers in the country. Hill pianos were known for their high quality and their beautiful sound. The company continued to operate until 1988.

Wilhelm Hill was a pioneer in the piano industry. He was one of the first piano makers to use a cast-iron frame, which made his pianos stronger and more durable. He also developed a new method of stringing pianos that produced a richer and more resonant sound. Hill pianos were used by many famous musicians, including Frédéric Chopin, Franz Liszt, and Ignacy Paderewski.

Wilhelm Hill was a successful businessman and a talented musician. He was a major figure in the development of the piano industry in the United States. He is remembered as one of the greatest piano makers of all time.

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