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Anton Rubinstein

Anton Grigoryevich Rubinstein (November 28, 1829 – November 20, 1894) was a Russian pianist, composer, and conductor. He was one of the most important figures in Russian music of the 19th century.


Rubinstein was born in Vykhvatinets, Podolia Governorate, Russian Empire (now Ofatin?i, Moldova). He began studying the piano at a young age, and gave his first public recital at the age of nine. In 1843, he traveled to Berlin to study with Siegfried Dehn and Theodor Kullak.

In 1859, Rubinstein founded the Saint Petersburg Conservatory, the first conservatory in Russia. He served as the conservatory's director until 1867. In 1866, his brother Nikolai founded the Moscow Conservatory.

Rubinstein was a prolific composer. He wrote over 200 works, including operas, symphonies, concertos, chamber music, and solo piano pieces. His most famous works include the opera "The Demon", the piano concerto No. 4, and the orchestral piece "Capriccio Espagnol".

Rubinstein was also a gifted pianist. He was known for his technical brilliance and his expressive playing. He toured extensively throughout Europe and the United States, and was one of the most popular pianists of his time.

Rubinstein was a complex and controversial figure. He was a demanding perfectionist, and could be difficult to work with. He was also a staunch nationalist, and was critical of Western European music.

Despite his flaws, Rubinstein was a towering figure in Russian music. He was a gifted composer, a brilliant pianist, and a tireless promoter of Russian culture. He helped to shape the course of Russian music for generations to come.

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