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Carl Maria von Weber Program Notes and Sheet Music

Carl Maria von Weber was a German composer, conductor, and pianist of the early Romantic period. He is best known for his operas, which helped to establish the German Romantic opera.

Weber was born in Eutin, Germany, in 1786. He showed an early aptitude for music, and he began composing at a young age. He studied with his father, Franz Anton Weber, who was a composer and theater director.

In 1804, Weber moved to Vienna, where he studied with the composer Joseph Haydn. He also began composing operas, and his first opera, Silvana, was premiered in 1810.

In 1813, Weber was appointed Kapellmeister (conductor) at the opera house in Prague. He held this position for three years, during which time he composed several operas, including Der Freischütz (The Freeshooter), which premiered in 1821.

Der Freischütz was a huge success, and it helped to establish Weber as a leading composer of German Romantic opera. The opera is known for its use of folk music, its dramatic plot, and its beautiful melodies.

In 1826, Weber moved to London, where he was appointed conductor of the Philharmonic Society. He died in London in 1826, at the age of 39.

Weber was a major figure in the development of German Romantic opera. His operas were influenced by folk music, and they helped to establish the use of German language in opera. Weber's music is still performed today, and it is considered to be some of the most important music of the Romantic period.

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